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Exposition artistique au Petit Alep

Découvrez l'univers de Katherine Digby au Petit Alep, du 12 Avril au 24 Mai 2017.

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Katherine Digby, born in Montreal in 1978, has been a painter since the age of five when enrolled in the now defunct SMAC (Saturday Morning Art Classes) with Concordia University. It was here, before the age of 10, that she discovered her love of the human form. After exploring ceramics and film photography, Digby returned to oil painting in 2008. Inspired by a long historical tradition of preserving important figures in oil portraiture, Digby began to paint her deceased relatives from her Polish and British ancestry. In 2010, she began a portrait of her fiancé, Alwyn Rottschafer, unaware that he would pass away only 6 months later. The difficulties following this event can be seen in her 2011 ‘grief portrait’ which lacks the vibrant colours that are typical of her work. Irrationally afraid to paint the living, Digby produced a self-portrait in 2012 to test the merits of a curse. As of 2017, she has survived the curse and is now offering custom portraits to the Montreal community.

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