Le Petit Alep, 191 rue Jean-Talon Est Montreal, 514-270-9361

.Le Petit Alep

An Inescapable Simplicity

It's the go-to place for foodies, whether it's or a quick night bite or a lunch amongst friends. The Petit Alep is synonymous with tasting experience. The bistro shares next-door Restaurant Alep's kitchen, and its well renowned recipes.

Aleppo food stems from a contact between Armenian and Syrian cultures. At le Petit Alep, this unique food blends with Quebec's joys of life, creating a lively ambiance, a friendly and welcoming set, and a place for tasty discoveries.

In 20 years since its opening, the bistro has become a popular eatery in the Villeray neighbourhood... then a Mecca for foodies in Montreal.

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